Well Being

What is well being anyway? Well, for us, in an age where people look to work hard and play harder, well being means taking proper time to look after yourself and those around you, the people you love.

Eye Mask (Fuscia Blossom)That doesn't mean splattering your face with 'anti—ageing' creams or cramming in vitamin supplements. We believe that sometimes taking a more holistic approach will serve you better. Like getting a decent night's sleep. The holistic silk eye mask will go a long way to helping you achieve that. Filled with lavender to induce calm and made from luxurious silk and velvet to completely block out light, you can grab 40 winks in even the lightest of spaces. If you don't like the fushia (pictured) there is also a new black version, with a convenient single flexible strap.

DeluxemassagerNothing beats a relaxing massage, and you can't beat the Urban Spa Deluxe Massager with its unique rubber tips feeling like a thousand fingers, bringing you the ultimate bliss out experience! Perfect for a relaxing back massage, the flexible rollers work well on arms, legs or anywhere else you feel stress or strain.