What's Changed?

Customers used to using our previous website will have noticed some of our products have moved to different categories.

We've tried to cover changes affecting our most popular products below. If there is something you can't find, try typing the name in the search box and if that fails give us a call (020 8744 1806) or fill in our contact form.

Moleskine Notebooks

Each type (cahier, reporter, diary) of notebook has it's own category. We'll use pocket as an example, the others follow the same structure.

Was: Office » Moleskine Pocket
Now: Moleskine & Stationery » Moleskine » Moleskine Pocket

Old Leather Notebooks

These have been moved into the "Other Stationary" section and placed in a new category called "Paperblanks" (this is the name of the super company who produces them).

Was: Office » Old Leather Style Notebooks
Now: Moleskine & Stationery » Other » Paperblanks

Burt's Bees Toiletries and Cosmetics

You can browse all Burt's Bees Products on the manufacturer page. Most of the items are in our new skincare category.

Was: Women » Burt's Bees
Now: Women » Skin Care

Clippy Kit Bags and Accessories

Was: Teens » ClippyKit
Now: Women » ClippyKit

Holistic Products

All our holistic products have been moved into our new Well Being section.

Was: Hot Stuff » Holistic
Now: Well Being

Chewing Gum

Was: All over the place
Now: Fun » Gum