Talk me through placing an Order?
Ok. Let's pretend we are going to order some luxurious silk slippers.
  1. We go to the page for the slippers, select our size using the drop down, then click the "Add to Basket" button. (pic).
  2. We are presented with a page showing the item and the total cost.
  3. We now need to choose the delivery cost. We select UK - Special Delivery, then click Recalculate (pic) (hint: For more information on delivery, see our delivery page).
  4. £4.50 has been added to the cost, bringing the total to £64.45.
  5. We now click "Go to Payments", and fill in the form with all our details.
  6. Once done, we click "Continue". You will now see details of your order, along with the billing address and delivery address (if different). Click "Continue" once more to proceed to the payment section.
  7. Fill in all your card details, then click "Order Now" to complete the order process. Payment Help provides more information on the credit cards we accept.
What happens when I have ordered?
  1. You will recieive an e-mail confirming your order. Please check the details to make sure you entered everything correctly.
  2. If any of the details are incorrect, please contact us (020 8744 1806) as soon as possible.
  3. You will recieve another e-mail once your order has been despatched.
  4. Once despatched, most items taken around 24-48 hours to arrive. For more details, please see our delivery page.
How do Order Multiple Items?
Delete "1" from the quantity box and then type the number of items you would like to order. Finally click "Recalculate" to update the grand total. If you are ordering a substatial quantity of anyone item, it may be possible to get a bulk discount. If you think this may apply for you, please fill out our bulk orders form in order to obtain a quote.
How do I delete something from my basket?
Make the quantity "0", then click "Recalculate". The page will refresh and the item will have been removed from your basket.
How does the shopping basket work?

Anyone who has ever ventured into a supermarket (and let's face it - who hasn't?) will been familiar with the shopping basket concept. If you're not carrying on reading. If you are skip to the next paragraph.

You wonder around the isles picking up and looking at items, reading the text of the back, checking the ingredients, use by date, nutritional information etc. Things you like you put in your basket, things you don't like you put back down. Then, when you want to pay, you go the the checkout.

Shopping with us is exactly the same, except we don't have isles, we have categories. Browse through our categories looking for items you like. Then, when you see something you want to take a closer look at, click on it. If you wish to purchase the item click "Add to Basket".

Once the item is in the Basket, you can either proceed to pay for the items, or continue shopping.