Little Miss Helpful Gel Pack

Miss Helpful Gel Pack

Little Miss Helpful is sure to stop tears and put a smile back. She is the fast, fun way to soothe bumps, bruises and minor aches.

It's also soothing for headaches, growing pains and after sun soreness. Keep the bruise soothers in the fridge and the special gel will stay cool to ease discomfort from swelling and bruising. You can use the pack warm for aches and stiffness as well.

Size: dia 12cm approx

Instructions for use:
To use cold:
Store Miss Helpful in the fridge so that he is ready when your child needs him.
To use warm:
Place Miss Helpful in hand hot water for 5 minutes. Remove carefully and test on the back of your hand to ensure comfortable temperature. Apply to affected area for a few minutes to soothe.

First aid tip: On holiday let Miss Helpful take the sting out of jellyfish, mosquitoes and sunburn. For long journeys in the car, pop them in your chill bag to cool your child in summer sun.

Safety Insructions:
  • Do not microwave or freeze as extremes of temperature can cause burns.
  • For external use only.
  • Always use under adult supervision.
  • Consult your doctor if you have any concerns about your child's health.

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Overall Rating: 5 Stars (5 Stars)

5 Stars “A must have for parents” — Sharon, Brentford, United Kingdom

“Reach for the fridge the next time your little one has a bump or scrape. Takes their mind off their injury too!”